kelwa visit + chikhalwadi

made a trip to kelwa with my dad a month back. pictures have been, as usual, lying around, waiting for me to upload them. here are most of them.

stopped on the way opposite tandulwadi fort (if i am not mistaken). vast open fields on both sides of the road.

my attempt at using photomerge in PS –

the clouds in the middle look like a dead giveaway for some stitching work in the images. will be more careful with exposures next time.

we had visited one of my dad’s friend’s farm. i went around looking for good shots. also saw a garden snake which slithered away before i could train my camera at it.

that’s for kelwa.

went to meet nagesh, a very good photographer friend of mine. he stays opposite chikhalwadi, one of the few surviving chawls in the city. it was the last few days of the ganesh festival, and i hadn’t visited a single ganpati pandal. so made it a point to have a look.

the idol of mumbai’s most favourite god was simply too beautiful! the eyes were live like i have never seen in any idol.

some pictures from there –

and as they say his favourite flower is, here’s a hibiscus from one of my plants.


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