ceat tires has come up with an excellent campaign for its bike tires. executed by ogilvy, the campaign’s theme is that the road is filled with idiots, and ceat tires help you stop in time to avoid killing one of them! quite a contrary thought, i’d say. i would rather have such idiots run over by a fleet of hummers over and over again.

the campaign website is good too. see it here –

coming to the point of this post, i have added ceat tires on fb. there’s an ongoing discussion about what we need – disciplined drivers or disciplined pedestrians. following is my response on the same –


Maintaining discipline on the road, for passengers, drivers and pedestrians is easier said than done. Sometimes you get to think which should come first: disciplined drivers or disciplined pedestrians.

What’s your take on this?


First of all, all horns on vehicles must be made in such a way that they drain 10% of the battery every time they are used.

Secondly, pedestrians must have footpaths to walk on and proper designated areas to congregate and eat / drink / chat so that they don’t step in front of vehicles with their stupid ice-creams in hand.

Then comes the point that footpaths are always occupied by hawkers selling anything from flowery underwear, to porn in vernacular languages. Getting rid of them would be a mammoth task. Think about your taxi driver…his daily dose of porn will be cut and he will honk all the more thinking about the flowery underwear.

Disciplining the drivers – another mammoth task, probably a woolly mammoth this time. About 0.012% of drivers in the city have licenses that have been obtained by giving proper tests. That means rooting out the corruption in the RTO. Let’s bring the woolly mammoth out again. Maybe a few dozen would help.

Roads also are a part of the problem. The reason Jairam Ramesh hates SUVs is because they are not so environment friendly. But Mr. Ramesh should understand that given our lovely roads, having a ground clearance of about minimum 200mm is more of a necessity than ABS. So there goes the argument out of an art deco window.

So basically my point is that no matter what we do, if we have idiots running the country, we cannot escape those on the road. We have always been imbeciles and will never give in.

Thank you very much.



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