sindhudurg trip-part 1: tarkarli

it’s been quite a task processing close to 400 images. and not having my pc in working condition for about a month was the major spanner in the works, as they call it.

but here i am, with my pc in perfect working order (it’s difficult typing with crossed fingers!) and a lot pf pictures to look at.

i am going to upload pics here in parts. so do not be surprised if part 8 turns up to be the first entry when you check back in a few days.

yea! that’s how long i’m going to take. because it is 109 images!

so here goes –

shashank came here on his customary annual india trip, and i took him to kudal. it has become my favourite destination since my first visit with bhushan and shireen, and i suggest it to anyone looking for a vacation.

so it was the four of us – shashank, pratima (shank’s sister), shweta and moi. it took us about 14 hours, one horrible movie, awful seats and sore backs and necks to reach kudal. after checking in to the hotel, we made the mandatory trip to tarkarli for lunch and some nice beach time.

stopped the car at a bridge to take this one. and within seconds, there was this swarm of honeybees rising up form under the bridge. not wanting to get stung on the first day itself, shank and i jumped back in the car and sped off!

went for a stroll on the beach as we had reached there well before lunch time. also, the walk made sure we were hungry enough for the meal.

move over, paris hilton. the new BFF pair is here!

the first time i’ve seen a live starfish. wish i had a macro then.

found a fishing boat around which we decided to try out hands, legs more so, at athletics. (open the following two in another window to see the gif animation.)

charged and sweaty after our olympic efforts, we went back to the restaurant, had our fill of fish and lots of sol kadhi and proceeded to the hotel.

all of us were too tired to go anywhere else, as my brilliant planned out itinerary suggested. so we took turns sleeping in the car. but after deciding to go and not deciding to go and yet again taking a poll, we finally agreed to do visit dhamapur lake on the way to the hotel.


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