sindhudurg trip-part 3: nivati

my second visit to one of the most beautiful beaches i’ve seen!

our car entered the familiar lane leading to the beach, and i could hear the waves hit the shore. i couldn’t wait and ran straight ahead. we were in time for the sunset, with a couple of hours to go. shank and i took a long walk while shweta and pratima sat and had their share of girl talk.

i love the sense of isolation the wide can create. i am on the lookout for some really good wide lenses for my 30d, but since finances do not permit ‘unnecessary expenditure,’ i will make do with what i have.

once back, we decided to bury shank in the sand. he was enjoying it, taking it as a ‘oriental sand mask.’

until the real test began…

yeah so we didn’t bury him all the way! now, the test was to stand up from current position without disturbing the sand cover.

i know, pretty juvenile. but what the hell! we were on vacation.

we waited for the sunset, but it wasn’t as spectacular as i had seen it on my trip with bhushan and shireen. maybe i should do a trip again in may…

next location – devgad.


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