sindhudurg trip-4: devgad

my memory of devgad comes from my first visit with swapnil. i had just recovered from a fever, and much to the dismay of my mother, i went along with swapnil to a town called oros. he had had a terrible accident there on the way back from goa. his car, filled with eight hungover revellers (including my brother), went off the road and did three somersaults to finally land in a thicket. the oros police department registered three cases against swapnil –

1. negligent driving

2. causing harm to self

3. causing harm to passengers

our trip was to attend a date at the oros court! so there we were, in the recovered accident vehicle, with me sleeping for most of the drive due to the fever and medication.

after the court thing done, we headed to devgad, where swapnil is from. we went to his old family house, visited his uncle’s ship building workshop, and then walked up a hill where swapnil promised me a view of a lifetime.

and how true was he! as i climbed up the hill, massive windmills reared their flower-like heads with the never ending sea spread about 270 degrees around the hill. i had carried my nikon fm10 with b/w film. here’s a few samples of the shots i had taken there about eight years back.


this time around, with shank, pratima and shweta, it was sort of a reliving of that memory. we accessed the plain from a different side. most of the windmills were still there. but what really wowed us was the fantastic view of the sea from the top of the hill!

then we did a bit of model shoots and headed down to the beach, which is, if my doubt is rightly placed, the location for the new levi’s curve id jeans ad.

most photographers would die for a perfect hair shot like this one. who needs a tiara when you got this?

shank and i went on to explore the broken down control room of the windmill project.

the project was started in 1986 with a view to provide electricity to the konkan region. by the looks of the control room, the project failed miserably. they didn’t even bother to break down the windmills, apparently leaving the dirty work to the elements.

now with the jaitapur nuclear project coming up right across, it remains to be seen how it works out. jaitapur is being vehemently opposed by the locals as it is the harbinger of future ‘development’ projects which will rob konkan of its beauty and cause much more harm than good in terms of pollution of the beautiful coastline and mining for resources.

getting back to the pictures –

what shank is hiding in in the next pic is the broken fiber cover of one of the windmills.

here’s a link to shank’s blog about our trip.

more from me coming soon.


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