sindhudurg trip-5: vijaydurg

sindhudurg is home to two of the well-known and respected forts built by shivaji – malvan (also know as sindhudurg) and vijaydurg. we went to the latter as the malvan fort is overrun with tourists and the fort itself is in a sorry state of disrepair after numerous attacks by the mughals, the british and later the portuguese. it houses the only temple built in honour of shivaji, with his footprints preserved in stone. also, the fort was famous for a two-pronged coconut tree, which no longer exists, like most of the fort.

vijaydurg was very well preserved, in spite of the regular flow of tourists.

the well-informed guide took us around areas of the fort, keeping the best for the last. a turn to the right after the wall in the following picture brought us to the queen’s palace.

doesn’t look like much as its just walls and slots where the mezzanine would have been. but as the guide started telling us about how it used to be, with massive beds, chandeliers and carved windows overlooking the sea, the place started glittering in all its glory, with the sounds and smells of a queen’s resting place wafting through the air mixed with the salty air of the sea.

we looked out of one of the windows and realised why the queen were given this special side of the fort. the view was breathtaking! miles of sea spread out beyond the horizon,  sunset colours skimming the waves in a race to reach the shore and a tranquility that needs no words to describe…

ending this post with some ‘clichéd’ pictures, according to shank.


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