sindhudurg trip-6: vengurla

joined saatchi and saatchi focus from the first of june. good work. good people. that’s all one wants.

posting this from work. a trip to bandhavgarh tiger reserve and khajuraho happened. the bandhavgarh pics are up on facebook, with a few from khajuraho yet to be processed. no promises from my side when those will show up here!

continuing where i left, here are pics from vengurla.

stopped at this simple white church with whitewashed walls and bright blue windows. right opposite a lake filled with lotuses (or ‘loti,’ as i prefer).

shank getting posy.

we then went to the ganesh temple at redi. turned out that they are building a bigger one. was drastically different from the last time i’d been there. legend goes that the idol appeared in a man’s dream, asking him to unearth it at a particular spot. the idol that appeared was huge, so they built a temple around it.

it is one of the most beautiful idols of ganesha i’ve seen.

went to vengurla beach and then to the port.

next day – goa!



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