madhya pradesh tour – jabalpur / bandhavgarh / khajuraho

so i am back with pictures from my MP trip in april this year.

MP is the tourism capital of the country, with tiger reserves, waterfalls, centuries old temples and palaces…

we started with jabalpur, starting with the marble mountains. my parents had their honeymoon in MP, taking a boat ride on the meandering river that runs through the mountains. the moonlight makes the mountains glow from within. must’ve been quite the sight.

we landed at the station, freshened up at a hotel close by and left for jabalpur.

along the path leading to the boats, as you’d find at every tourist place anywhere, were stalls of people selling the local items. here at jabalpur, they were selling sundry items made of marble and granite.

i bought a mortar pestle which is being used quite regularly at home, given the fact that we use spices in everything we make.

i particularly enjoyed these berries, known as ‘bor’. served on a leaf with a smattering of salt and chaat masala, these are delectable, especially in the hot summer sun.

from jabalpur, we proceeded to the dhuandhar waterfalls. the walk to the falls sapped us of all our energy. the sun was too harsh, and given my shining pate, i sure must’ve blinded some tourists there. but all the tiredness went away once i stood near the falls.

spotted a heron sitting in absolute peace facing the thundering water cascading over rocks. it looked like one of those zen masters in jackie chan’s movies.

from there, we started on our journey to bandhavgarh. it was tiresome, given a non-AC bus. but we soldiered on.

this is one of the best pictures i have taken. though a bit shaky, i like it than many other sharp portraits i have of her.

rohan and ashwini.

the next post will be on bandhavgarh, followed by khajuraho.


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