bandhavgarh – tiger land

proceeded further to visit the tiger, at bandhavgarh tiger reserve. madhya pradesh is one of the states that is home to the national animal.

was a good trip. saw a few tigers ( ! ), a lot of birds, and had an overall great time.

the jeep safari started early morning. armed with our caps, sunscreens, cameras with frightening lenses and expectations, we jumped in the jeeps to meet the king.

we had to wait for almost half an hour to get into the park, with close to fifteen jeeps lined up ahead of us. the initial level checks happened quick, and they let us in.

the peacock – india’s national bird. it stood tall like a sentinel, greeting us within the first ten minutes of our entry. the blue shone brightly in the sun.

awesome antlers!

looking at some langurs frolicking in a field. no langur snaps 😦

doctor aditya.

the tour inside ended quickly, with no spotting of the tiger. we managed to see some pug marks. but as is repeatedly instructed, you go into the jungle to see the wildlife; seeing the tiger entirely depends on either your stars, or an accident.

on our way out of the jeep round, we were informed that there was a ‘tiger show’ was happening. this involved hopping on to an elephant, which would then wade into slush and overgrowth to show us tigers resting in thick bushes.

i strongly believe all this is a scam. but i’d rather not elaborate. if you ever make a trip and go for a ‘tiger show’, think about what i said.

scam or not, seeing the tiger regaling in its natural habitat is an experience. no wonder it is associated royalty, power and grace.


on the way back, we decided to pick up some beer to have in our rooms and celebrate the tiger. check the spellings on this board –

the next day, we went for a drive to a lake. the drive took us through a village which keeps shifting its position every year, when the river floods. seeing the temporary mud huts, shacks made of coconut fronds and an untouched lifestyle reminded me of my native place.

saw the brilliant ‘indian roller’ or ‘neelkanth’ as it is called by the locals. the blue of its wings is something else.

no pantone, no combination on any machine or anything will ever yield the colours of nature’s palette.

stopped for water at a local’s house.

the one above is easily among the best photos i have clicked. i’m waiting to get a fabulous print on canvas and frame it on my wall.

last pic at bandhavgarh –

next entry – khajuraho.




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