khajuraho-final leg of madhya pradesh trip

here’s the final installment of the madhya pradesh trip.

khajuraho. for many, the land of tantric sex and kamasutra, of impossible acrobatic positions which have left quite a few couple in traction.

truth be told, the ‘kama’ part of the temples is barely 1/3rd of the entire complex. one look around, and what strikes you almost immediately is the architectural ingenuity, of art in physical form, of meticulous space planning – arts entirely lost as we progressed.

we decided to hit the temple complex at six in the morning, before the milling crowds made their way and spoiled photographs. it was all worthwhile.

it was fun using the 5d with the 16-35. the sense of drama and scope for composition the lens offer is fantastic! getting the same coverage on my 30d would need a 10-22.

getting up at 530 to shoot paid off. the light was great, there were far too less people to meddle around in the frame, it was quieter and the early morning chill made it easier to relax.

the temples are a treat for those studying architecture, and anyone who wants their faith in the capability of the human race restored (given everything we see around us). there is a story behind every level, each stone, every figure is there for a reason.

the guides at khajuraho are quite an interesting lot. this guy here was speaking fluent italian / spanish. my knowledge of languages is based entirely on gangster films, so kindly adjust.

according to what the guide told us, almost all the domes here are just various sized stones placed one above the other, with no cement or any bonding material (which is very hard to believe). the cornerstone is right at the top; if it is removed, the entire dome will come crashing down. which is, in my mind, is nothing but absolute ingenuity and total mastery over the subject of architecture.

a closer look at the beautiful indian roller.

a multi-tone horn on our bus. it has 8 notes, and drivers can play film tunes with the ease of a music director!

wedding jeep. imagine this thing all lit up with the groom sitting right up there on the red chair, and speakers blaring from the back. quite a wedding, that!

ending the post on the MP trip. too many parts, too much time taken, more than a hundred images…had a good time.

from here on, i am not going to make dedicated travel entries. they take too much time and effort, and leave me bothering about when i can complete them.

i will post pictures that i have enjoyed taking, regardless of time frame.

see ya.


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