it’s about the sudden realisation that you can indeed grow a beard

about coming to terms with a voice that struggles to stay back in the age when it was okay to talk, and not sound like a baby

it is about understanding fathers and first loves, all because of a particular show called ‘the wonder years’

about wondering why winnie cooper was always better than all the other girls and why kevin arnold was, in fact, what you wanted to be all this time

about wondering how to fall in love and stay that way forever

about wishing she was there when you were watching films together on your 14″ CRT monitor, for her to hold on to you in the horror movies, to lean on your shoulder and let the tears run when robin williams walks out of the class in ‘dead poet’s society’

about phone calls that went on till 3:45 am

it was when flowers and archies cards suddenly became very interesting

when thinking about a gift was easy

when going weak in the knees had nothing to do with the physiological condition of the knees





was all play and no work makes johnny someone who knows how to climb a tree 

about having a fight and winning and losing and getting beat in front of the entire class in recess and drawing blood and scraping knees and falling off and getting up and not feeling vengeance or revenge but just a feeling ‘i have to get this right now’

finding that there are other uses to that thing in your pants

about the mute button being your saviour at 11pm when mtv grind used to come up

about when mtv played music

it was more than an age, more than a number, more than anything else in the world that mattered so much

about unearthing secrets, digging out the long-kept unknown 

coming home at 3 in the sweltering afternoon after a cricket match that started at 10 in the morning, to find freshly fried fish waiting for you on the table

about not having to worry how you’re going to pay the emi for the 40 inch television 

not having to bother about how crowded the train is going to be at 8:15 on a monday

about not even batting an eyelid at the mere mention of monday




was sixteen years ago…








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