what needs to be done

“can i ask you something?

what do you think keeps a world like this as shit together?
it’s not magic, it’s not.  

it’s rules. it’s people abiding by the terms of the deals they sign themselves.

you know what’s more important than the rules, though? 
it’s the enforcement of those rules.”

— repo men (2010)



imagine a world before the orwellian world of 1984. 

a world where there is no law. where crime, poverty and corruption are so rampant that they become the norm. where the perpetrators fear no one, and victims have become desensitised. 

a world, much like ours is today.

and in this world is a handful of people, merely a one percent of the entire population, that believes this needs to change. they are disgusted with humanity as a whole. they are distraught that it has come to this, that what they once knew and loved as pure and good, has ceased to exist, or is taking its last desperate breaths in a garbage dump, ravaged by ‘reality’. 

their helplessness is slowly boiling over to an anger that wishes to knock down everything, destroy the world order as they know it, and construct a new reality based on new ideals. 

and instead of being consumed by their spite, they slowly start building their way forward to this new world. they get together people who think like them, and then formulate a set of rules. rules for themselves and for the outside.

and then, they go on mobilising this movement silently, covertly. 


rule no. 1 – every single individual on the outside, regardless of state imposed or self-imposed differentiation, must be united to a common ideal. for this, people must be told what to believe since they have completely lost the ability to do so. they must be shaken from their reverie and made to see the horrible realities around them, and see the ideal as the solution.

rule no. 2 – these individuals must be monitored, to ensure they do not deviate from the common ideal. this might be done by way of enlisting them to a few common interests and activities. 

rule no. 3 – truant behaviour must be punished publicly. for this, a single uniform organisation must be formed which weeds out crime in all its forms, be it the smallest theft, or the largest scams. no crime can escape the vigilant eyes of the organisation. for this, monitoring systems in rule no. 2 shall provide necessary support. 

rule no.4 – distorted pasts and histories need to be cleansed of political influence. this needs to be done through dedicated research. people need to understand where they come from and where they have been lead. this will instill pride and support a cohesive thought and belief in the ideal. 

rule no. 5 – an industrious outlook and a desire for education and knowledge needs to be inculcated. people need to see what these two things can lead to, and for this, leaders of conscience and character need to be the face of the movement. 


this change will take time; the change-makers know. and it will need time beyond their lifetime. therefore, they make the rules strong. they inculcate a strict discipline in their families. they ensure no deviance in their personal lives, so that their future generations build upon what they have founded. 

the organisations that handle control become the ministries. the ideal becomes big brother. control, enforcement and discipline become norms, instead of crime, poverty and corruption. the transformation of the individual is complete. 



call it dictatorship. call it totalitarianism. call it the reemergence of the third reich. call it what you will. but that is what we need – 

the enforcement of rules. 


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