The wedding

The bedroom looks like a storm enjoyed a few days stay. My cupboard looks like the face of a fast food fanatic, stuffed to the absolute limit. My dad is snoring away, sprawled on the bed after days of running around, sending out invites, going shopping and the usual chores that come with an occasion of this scale. My mother is having one last chat with the maid before the madness of the next two days hits home. My brother is just back from his cricket.

And me,
I’m sitting by the window, my favourite window, typing this on a four and a half inch screen, waiting for the ‘glow’ to appear from yesterday’s herbal facial, wondering how did it all comes to this next couple of days.

I’m getting married on Monday. The 25th of November 2013. To Shweta Bhatia. The girl I met four years back on my first day in college as a visiting faculty for ad design. The thing about time being relative, and a second on a hot surface seems like an eternity and an hour with a loved one like a second… well,  all that rings true now.

Four years.

All coming together in one day.
This time day after, we will be married, probably having lunch, or maybe resting for a while before the evening reception begins. And thereafter, we will be Mr. & Mrs. Pawar.

And yet, no butterflies have made their home in my stomach, my feet do not feel the slightest cold, nor is any feeling of panic slowly taking over.

Maybe that will happen day after. Maybe it won’t.

But all said and done, I’m enjoying this. Sitting by the window that I saw so many monsoons through. The window which I will leave in a month to go live in my own house. I’m letting everyone else take control, relishing the attention, and just lying in wait.

For a new life to begin.


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