“ghar bahut door hai tumhara…”
ye kehkar
prithvi cafe ke
dagmagaatey hue
lakde ke table par

apni ungaliyon se
map banaya tha tumne.

ban ban kar
chaar ungliyon jitna
bana tha wo map…

kya sabhi faasle yun
ungliyon mein nahi naape jaa saktey?


since i am a big fan of gulzar, most of my recent poems, including the one above is influenced by his style. no one on the face of the earth can quite achieve what he has or continues to with his mastery over words. but i try…

here are a few recent ones –

dhuan hai kuch aankhon mein
chubhta hai kabhi
kabhi beh jaata hai.

andar ki aag kabhi
nazar nahin aati magar.


kuch tukde bikhrey hue hain
har ek par koi
nishaani dhoondhtaa hoon…

kya pata shaayad
khud ko paa loon inmein.



wrote a new one just some days back. don’t know what prompted me.

here it  is –


all that was lost
looks back at me
from the pages of time
like a child whose hand
i left in the crowd

all that was gained
looks away from me
towards the window
like a bird that
was never meant to be caged.

which cord do i cut?
whom do i let go?



this one comes way after the last one above. realised that i haven’t written any poems for quite some time. need to.’





Stifle me

Strangle me

Put a sock down my throat

Just enough to make

me swallow my tongue

And never be able to use it again.



Shut me down.

I’ve overstayed my welcome


I’ve always been

The ‘no’

To your plans

The hand that

Held you back

From doing what you wanted

Out of desire

Or automatic response.

My time has come.

Pull the curtain down.

For I have never

Allowed you

Your freedom.

I have always been

The wall there’s

no walking around.

I have been that steady nag,

That clingy bitch who never forgot.

Cut the cord already.

Don’t I throb

At your temples enough?

Don’t I make your

Ears go hot?

Haven’t I started

Sounding like your father

All the more?

Smother me,

Your voice of reason

And be free.



One comment

  1. can’t all distances be measured thus…in fingers?
    thats a riddle me and Surhud, both have been trying to resolve since out friendship rose…solution isn’t yet discovered but one thing is certain, he will keep writing like this and I will keep reading this, both with same passion and intensity in search of an answer…great going Suree..cheers

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